Kate- our customer of the month!
Find Your Glo has has truly inspired me to start feeding my body truly wholesome food. It is such a beautiful eBook with such delicious and easy to create healthy recipes. Meryem is a real role model for me and I'm so happy to have come across this fabulous book!

- Kate S. @foodstyled 

Your eBook is incredible. Thank you so much. It's exactly what I need right now.

-Savannah R.
Seriously people are missing out if they don't buy your ebook.
It is incredible. Thank you.
- Tammy G.
Love your mask & tea pack! It has helped me with my blocked pores getting smaller. My skin is smoother & so much healthier. It is definitely glowing. Your tea tastes great too. I have it every day.
-Anna K.
Meryem! We love you ebook! It's great. It's so refreshing to find easy recipes that actually taste great like this. Thank you!
-Sammy J.
So positive and great in value in your ebook. Thank you Meryem. We love it.
-Michelle J.
I love watching your videos Meryem! Very entertaining and great information. We made the zucchini noodles. They were yum!
-Meg M.
The eBook is great! I love the photos and information. We have been trying some of the recipes and it's been fun with my daughter.
-Cigdem D.
I love your tea and mask. The tea makes me feel good. The mask makes my skin feel nice. It has helped me thanks.
-Dave A.
My friends & I love the mask. It works so well. We Ove how our skin feels after w ewqash it off. My skin is clearing up and yes I', getting that glowing skin I wanted. We're telling all our friends about this mask! So great!
-Jessica M.
I love the tea. I feel good when I drink it. It relaxes me :)
- Rick A.
Thank you for being an inspiration for me. I found so much more than I expected in your ebook. It has really motivated me to not only live a healthier life but also follow my passions. Thank you!
-Florence U.
I bought the Complete pack and I'm so glad I did. Love the mask, tea and the guidance I'm getting from your ebook recipes and all. I'm feeling so much better and feel a new lease on my life.
-Helen K
 The mask & tea are fantastic. Love it and I will be buying it again!
-Debra W.
Your mask & tea are beautiful. Thank you again.
- Ashanti B.
Wow. Your ebook! Seriously motivating and incredible.
- Gillian B.


I was so excited to try your mask & I haven't been disappointed. Love it and my skin feels and looks good.

- Carmen W.





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